Dockside On Park, Sea Isle, NJ

Health | Food | Cafe

Hello all my beautiful Babes <3 Thank you so much for all your love and supporting dockside on park throughout the years! As we’re growing and things continue to change one thing that will always remain the same is the woman behind the scenes who just make everything work. Putting a face to a name goes a very long way so let us introduce ourselves. On the right (Burnett hair) is Carly the owner and on the left ( Blonde Hair) is Corrine our Event planner. Corrine is the most amazing human you will ever meet.  She’s genuine, loving, caring, hard working, loyal and all around a great friend. She’s a self taught event planner and she crushes it. She’s the woman behind all the emails and has such a way with all of our guest by the end of their event she’s their new best friend. Carly is the brains behind the madness and most of the time is a hot mess express. You’ll find her in the back 7 days a week on the line arms deep in tickets but she will always find time to have a dance party. Dockside isn’t just a cafe its a dream that become a reality that we get to share with the best people so don’t be a stranger and say hi when you see us around 🙂 xoxo Carly